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Desk Monitor Mount Adjustable Gas Spring Computer Arm for 15''-32'' Screens $48.38


Desk Monitor Mount Adjustable Gas Spring Computer Arm for 15''-32'' Screens

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  • Benefit

    Customizable Support

    This monitor mount features an ergonomic design that boosts the flexibility of your workstation or gaming battle station.

    Universal Compatibility

    The monitor arm is compatible with a wide range of monitors ranging from 15’’ to 32’’ in size and has up to19.8 lbs in terms of load bearing capacity, with VESA of 75 x 75mm/100 x 100mm. 

    Uncluttered Workspace 

    It helps you reduce clutter in your workspace by creating additional space where the monitor is usually mounted. The added range of the desk mount allows you to utilize the space in creative ways.

    Easy Installation

    This monitor mount for desk is easy to install and can be used to enhance your work station instantly thanks to its robust construction, featuring two heavy-duty C-clamps and grommet mount installation methods.

  • Support

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    3-Year Warranty

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    Free Shipping

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  • Tech Specs

    ● Suitable Monitor Size: 15”- 32”

    ● VESA Compatible: 75 x 75mm/100 x 100mm

    ● Weight Capacity: Up to 19.8lbs

    ● Rotation: 360°

    ● Swivel: -90° - +90°

    ● Tilt: -90° - +85°

    ● Height Adjustment: 13.6”

    ● Pole Length: 11.8”

    ● Fit Desk Thickness: Up to 3.35”(C-clamp) and 2.56”(grommet)

    ● Product Size: 18.5 x 9.84 x 5.12 inch

    ● Product Weight: 9.88lbs

    Download the PDF user manual here.

Why You’ll Love it

Easy Connect with VESA Monitors

Two Ways to Install

Max. Load Bearing

Rotate to Any Angle

Fit for 15-32'' Monitors

Integrated Cable Management

Increase Comfort in Work

Using an ATUMTEK monitor arm will free up desk space for more room to work and is a perfect way to promote better posture. Placing your monitor at eye level whether you're sitting or standing can help reduce neck pain and eye strain.

Easy to Install

The parts are all clearly labeled to make assembling and setting everything up as simple as possible. And you’ll have the option of mounting your monitor arm in grommet holes or clamping to the back of your desk, not applicable for the glass desk or desk made of particle board.

Flexible to Adjust

Tilt, angle, turn, and rotate – freely set your monitors to meet your demands. And gas spring tension adjustment makes moving monitors effortless.

Fits Any Monitor

ATUMTEK monitor arms are VESA-compatible and so you can use them with any setup with monitors with screen size between 17’’-32’’.

Monitor Size
15’’ – 32’’
VESA Compatible
75 x 75mm/100 x 100mm
Weight Capacity
Up to 19.8lbs
-90° - +90°
-90° - +85°
Height Adjustment
Pole Length
Desk Thickness
Up to 3.35’’(C-clamp) and up to 2.56’’(grommet)
Gas Spring Lifespan
25,000-cycle test
Size & Weight
18.5 x 9.84 x 5.12 inch, 9.88lbs
Download the spec to get full details on size, weight capacity, material, installation, and more. Installation and instructions

Full Motion Adjustment - Customize Your Screen Angle

Adjustable monitor stand makes you set the height of your screens for a more comfortable view, with -35° to +90° tilt,180°swivel, 360° rotation.

Make Mounting Monitors Accessible

Step 1: Insert the VESA plate into the slot of the mount

Step 2:Rotate the VESA plate vertically

Step 3:Pull out of the VESA plate

Step 4:Screw the VESA plate to the back of the monitor

Step 5: Slide monitors and attached VESA plates back onto monitor arms

Durable Gas Spring - Move Your Monitors Smoothly

The built-in gas spring ensures smooth height adjustment. Adjust the gas spring arm to proper tension to hold your monitor. Turn the screw clockwise ("-") to reducetension for lighter monitors and counter-clockwise ("-") to increase tension for heavier monitors.

VESA Mount

Monitor desk mount are VESA-compatible, and fits for monitors of DELL, HP, Acer, Lenovo, iMac, AOC, LG, Samsung, Asus, etc.

This monitor mount fits VESA mounting patterns of 75x75mm and100x100mm.

Note:Check whether there is VESA mounting holes on the back of your monitor before you buy this monitor mount.

*VESA: VESA defines standards for mounting interfaces on monitors and TVs.

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