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ATUMTEK Selfie Stick | Tripod with Bluetooth remote

Are you tired of taking the same old photos trying to squeeze yours and your friend's face into a tiny frame? Embarrassed to ask strangers to snap pictures of you when traveling? Want to add more angles to your selfies?

I, for one, am always bothered by all of the above. That's why the moment I knew that the ATUMTEK Selfie Stick was coming to our warehouse, I had to get my hands on it. I am passionate about mobile photography, but still have a lot to learn. And with the ATUMTEK Selfie Stick, I was hoping to take my photos to a new level: this handy gadget does not only help you take better selfies, but also acts as a tripod holder helping you take clearer photos with your phone camera.

If you are really into selfies, then you probably won't find a better companion than the ATUMTEK Selfie Stick. With its 2-in-1 functionality, detachable Bluetooth remote control, minimalist design and an easily rechargeable 60mAh Li-ion battery, it is a fun, reliable and durable photo gadget for your travels.

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